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Senior Couple

Aging has its challenges.  We know that you have questions and concerns that most likely keep you up at night.


–  Will I lose  everything if I get sick and need care?
–  Who will take care of my affairs when or if I can’t make decisions?
–  How can I pass my stuff to my kids without going through probate?

–  How do I protect my hard earned assets from the high costs of a nursing home stay?
–  Do I really need to spend thousands of dollars to stay out of Probate?
–  Is it a good idea to give my house to my kids now or wait until later (or never)?

–  I have a special needs child, how will he be taken care of when I'm gone?

–  I lose sleep due to worrying about the future.

You have questions and we have answers.  We can  help  you with Estate Planning, Pre-Planning for long term care, Crisis planning for long term care, Special Needs planning and Probate and Estate Administration. 


Through proper planning we can help you stay out of the two courts you need to avoid: Probate and Guardianship.  


Most people find creating and reviewing their estate plan and will to be an uncomfortable task, but in actuality you are creating an invaluable resource for your friends and family should something happen to you. Having an updated and comprehensive plan upon death saves those closest to you lots of time and energy during an already difficult time.

Have you had a birth or death in your family? Did you get married or divorced and need to add or remove a spouse or other family member? Re-evaluate your executor, guardian and trustee. Are these still the people you want in charge of making important decisions about your estate?


While we can’t stop the aging process, with proper planning we can make it an easier transition for you and your loved ones. Proper care and a plan to pay for that care are vitally important for adults of all ages. Long term care costs can be very expensive.  In Kentucky nursing homes can costs $7,000 to $8,000 a month or more.  We can help you and your loved ones navigate the complex system of long term care to provide the best care while preserving you or your loved ones hard-earned assets. Even if your loved one is currently in a nursing home, there are techniques we can use to save a portion of their remaining assets.



Soon after your loved one has passed away, you will likely need to work with a lawyer to assist you with the estate administration process. The probate process in Kentucky takes at least six months before property and asset distribution. When you work with our team, we will gather the documentation that is necessary to start the probate and explain what your role in the process will be. Throughout the entire process, we will be available to answer questions and address your concerns.


Families with special needs members require unique planning.  Many misconceptions exist in this area that can result in costly mistakes when planning for special needs beneficiaries.  Understand-ing the pitfalls associated with special needs planning is a must for all of us who assist families who have loved ones with special needs.

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