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What is an Elder Law Attorney?

An Elder Law Attorney focuses on the needs of aging and disabled persons.  This includes traditional estate planning, long term care planning, special needs planning.  Elder Law Attorneys are also familiar with government programs such as SSI, SSDI, Medicare and Medicaid. 

Is there anything I can do if my loved one is in a nursing home now?

Yes, even if your loved one is currently in a nursing home on private pay, we are many times able to protect a portion of their remaining assets.

Only poor people can get Medicaid?

Medicaid is a program that looks at income and countable assets.  Not all assets are countable.  With proper preplanning many individuals can qualify for Medicaid to help pay for the high costs of nursing homes.  

I only have a home and a little money in savings, can you help me?

Possibly.  Everyone needs guidance when comes to their estate plan, especially if you want to protect your hard earned assets from the high costs of nursing homes.  We will be glad to meet with you and determine if our services can help you.

Do Elder Law Attorneys have different knowledge than estate planning attorneys?

Yes. Traditional estate planning attorneys and Elder Law Attorneys overlap in areas.  However, Elder Law Attorneys focus on an aging population.  Elder Law Attorneys bring specific knowledge to the areas of long term care and asset protection to help their clients protect their hard earned assets.

What if I want to stay at home?

For many families the last place they want to see their loved one is a nursing home.  There are many options and with proper planning your loved one may never have to enter a nursing home.

Can you help me avoid probate?

Yes.  Probate can be an expensive and time consuming process.  Many lawyers charge up to 5% of the value the gross estate for their services.  The probate process can take up to a year or longer to complete.

I don't need to worry because I have Medicare, right?

No.  Medicare covers a total of 100 days of nursing home care.  Medicare only covers the first 20 days of nursing home care in full.  The next 80 days are only partially covered with a large copay.  If you don't have a Medicare supplement than the entire copay is your responsibility.   

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