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Safe Key



Keep your original will in a safe place where someone can easily find it after your death. Although you may be concerned about protecting your will, wills are seldom stolen or destroyed. The family’s inability to find the will is a far more common problem. In choosing where to store your will, think about who will be looking for it and how he or she will best be able to find it. You probably want to tell your executor and at least some beneficiaries where your will is. You may also want to provide them with copies.


You may want to store your original will in your home where you keep other important documents. A fireproof safe can be a good choice. A safe deposit box is another option. However, the person looking for your will needs to have access to the place where you have stored it. Therefore, if you choose your safe deposit box to store your will, be sure to make arrangements with the bank to allow  your executor to open your box  after your death. If you don’t, the box  may  be sealed and a court order may  be required to open it.


You also might notify your attorney about where you will be keeping your original will. Your attorney can  then make a notation in the file regarding the location of the will. Then your attorney will be able to provide this information to your executor or beneficiaries after you have passed away.


By making sure that your will can be easily located after your death, you  can  save considerable hassle and expense for your beneficiaries.

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